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Sightings :
Sighting Ref : IB120982
Sighting Date : 15 Sept 19
Common Name : White-throated Sparrow
Scientific Name : Zonotrichia albicollis
Location : Castlemaine
County : Kerry
Number Seen : 1
Principal Observer(s) : Chris Doyle Not Specified
Reported By : Not Specified
Comments : Aughills: Unconfirmed report. Tuesday the 10th of September. (I believe I saw a white-throated sparrow approximately three kilometres outside Aughills in the area on marked on the map below on Tuesday. I saw it from a distance of 8m in a passing car. It was only when I returned back to the U.K that I found the identity of the bird.)
Status : See IRBC Appendix 1
Photos :
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Photographer(s) : © Chris Doyle
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