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Sighting Ref : IB137724
Sighting Date : 18 Feb 21
Common Name : Ross's Gull
Scientific Name : Rhodostethia rosea
Location : Killough
County : Down
Number Seen : 1
Principal Observer(s) : Chris Murphy Not Specified
Reported By : Not Specified
Comments : 14:30 First Winter, Ross's Gull, Quay Lane, Killough." It was about 2.30. I was walking the dog and looking out for Little Gulls. Didn't have my phone or camera! Dashed home to alert yourself and NIbirds. Was back at Quay Lane about 3pm with Doris and a neighbour. No sign! Thank goodness, after c.30 mins. it flew in, landed on the sea among other gulls, but instead of behaving like the Little and Black-headed Gulls it proceeded to drift away - until of sight! Hopefully it'll be back tomorrow afternoon at high tide."
Status : Description required by the NIBARC
Photos :
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Photographer(s) : © Chris Murphy
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