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Sighting Ref : IB99969
Sighting Date : 12 Aug 17
Common Name : Snowy Owl
Scientific Name : Bubo scandiacus
Location : Belmullet Peninsula
County : Mayo
Number Seen : 1
Principal Observer(s) : Dave Suddaby Not Specified
Reported By : Not Specified
Comments : Adult female Snowy Owl on Tarmon Hill today - this is the same bird that I found in September 2006 (then a 3rd calendar year bird) that returned each autumn until last being seen in late July 2012. I wonder where she has been in the intervening years? The one day bird seen on 8th March this year was considered to be an adult female & so presumably this bird - despite searching though she wasn't seen again ..... Dave Suddaby
Status : See IRBC Appendix 1
Photos :
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Photographer(s) : © Dave Suddaby
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