Irish Birding Sighting Record

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Sighting Ref : IB104368
Sighting Date : 31 Dec 17
Common Name : Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Scientific Name : Calidris acuminata
Location : Ballycotton
County : Cork
Number Seen : 1
Principal Observer(s) : Richard Mills, Tom Kelly Not Specified
Reported By : Not Specified
Comments : Following a re-assessment by the IRBC of an old B&W photograph that was apparently originally submitted (and published) as a pectoral sandpiper, taken in Shanagarry, Ballycotton on the 1st. July 1971, it is now been officially declared a sharp-tailed sandpiper.
Status : Accepted by the IRBC (Appendix 1)
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Photographer(s) : © Richard Mills